Quakertown, PA


For 1-24 People


For 25-50 People


For 51-100+ People

No need to go far

There is no need to go far when we offer axe throwing in Quakertown, PA! Our location is perfect for large events or small parties and even includes a full bar so you can enjoy axe throwing and drinking! Your 2-hour axe throwing session will be fun and something to remember. Take a break from your session and grab a drink from The Proper Brewing Co! To make things more interesting we have added Cold Steel Throwing Shovels to the mix, so you have different items to throw! It is extremely popular with the axe throwing community, its head heavy balance and multiple sharp edges make it an excellent alternative during your session. Challenge your friends to see who’s the best at throwing axes & cold steel shovels.

Order Sal's Pizza Randa for delivery to your axe throwing lane and receive 15% off of your order!

We also have other games to keep things fun like life-size Jenga and snookball (soccer-ball pool with some fun rules) for you to try.


Full Bar By

The Proper Brewing Company

Axe throwing is about kicking back, relaxing and enjoying fun times with our friends. That's why we partnered with a local brewery: THE PROPER BREWING COMPANY. Stop by the bar during your session to grab some delicious beer or drinks.

Location Details

Quakertown is our largest location and has two private lounges for private events like bachelor parties and corporate events. The entire building can also be booked for up to 150 throwers!

It also features a beer bar by The Proper Brewing Company to keep you adequately 'hydrated' during your axe throwing.

Plenty of parking is available right outside, and we always have trained staff on hand to make your visit amazing by providing lessons and answering questions.

There are picnic tables, and areas to hang out while it's not your turn. Axe throwing is as social as it is fun. Enjoy one another!

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